Code Committee Announcement

July 9, 2015

July 9th, 2015 / By: / Category: Announcement, Committee

We are pleased to announce the reformation of the Tent Rental Division Code Committee. We value how much our membership strives to keep customers and the general public safe. Based upon observations and current demand, the Steering Committee has voted to reestablish the Codes Committee. Some of this group’s immediate work will be to negotiate proposed changes to current codes with Life Safety Section – Fire Code Action Committee of the International Code Council. Code officials have advised the TRD to focus dedicated efforts with current and pending code reformation. By being involved in this process, there is no better way to help facilitate an agreeable outcome for our industry and code officials.

Currently, we have been following the proposed changes to the International Building Code and have already put together a “public comment”. As we continue to address changes associated with IBC’s G-213-15, we will make every effort to do what’s best for our membership. If you have any questions, please direct them to Division Supervisor Andrea Jauli at:
For further information, please visit:

Further instructions are:

Download the following PDF file: IBC-General Published 6/29/15 7918 KB

Go to page 301 & 302 for the G213-15 section.