“Every member company should attend a training session to keep current on tent industry best practices. Networking with fellow business owners helps me keep attune to latest tent installation challenges and solutions and you receive a discount on registrations!
Marlene Leonard, Big Top Productions


By attending Tent Expo and networking with fellow members of industry, I am assured we (tent companies) are following guidelines to make our industry a safer industry.”
Bob Mutton, Bob Mutton Party & Tent Rental


“This group has the oldest and most extensive knowledge of the regulation and permitting of tents in North America. Being a member gives you access to this information.”
—Todd Dalland, FTL Solar


“The future is now, and the IFAI Tent Conference has what you really need to get ready!”
Alex Kouzmanoff, Aztec Tents


“Education and, most importantly, meeting and building relationships with people that do and enjoy the same things—that is why I am a member of TRD.”
Bob Mutton, Bob Mutton Party & Tent Rental


“Be a member of the Tent Rental Division of IFAI to stay current on safety standards, source new materials and find suppliers for your business.”
Marlene Leonard, Big Top Productions


“If you want to grow your business, become more profitable, accelerate your learning curve, and contribute to the development of strong safety standards, become a member of the Tent Rental Division of IFAI!”
—Jim Reyen, Eureka! The Tent Co. Div. Johnson Outdoors Gear LLC


“American Pavilion has been a member of the IFAI and its Tent Rental Division for decades. We derive a great deal of value from the relationships that we have formed due to our involvement in the Association.”
—Tom Wodetzki, American Pavilion


“As well as smaller equipment, our members manufacture, sell, lease and rent the largest size and span equipment in the industry. For those who want to increase the size and span of their equipment, the Tent Rental Division is the place to learn about what is available and how it is used.”
—Todd Dalland, FTL Solar


“Become a member of TRD and help our industry’s association keep on developing as the highest authority when it comes to tent safety. The many years of work and association in TRD that I have enjoyed is a wellspring of good ideas for a successful business now and in the future.”
—David MacArthur, Losberger US LLC


“Being a member of the Tent Rental Division of IFAI keeps you abreast of industry goings-on. You benefit the whole industry. You have great networking opportunities and can share information in a non-competitive nature.”
—George Smith, Mahaffey Fabric Structures


“Our members include the largest manufacturers, renters and suppliers in North America, who have been Division members in many cases for over 30 years and have the led the way towards shaping the industry, its markets, its equipment and its business practices.”
—Todd Dalland, FTL Solar