Company: Eventstar Structures, Corp.

Project Details

Name: Kentucky Derby 2014
Entry: Corporate Tent Rental
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Size: 42,000 Square Feet

Project Description

Our design provided a low sloped, modern curved racing roof line, that allowed for better sight lines visibility, not only for the patrons inside the venue, but for patron and TV cameras positioned in the surrounding areas. To adjust to the stormy spring Kentucky weather, we implemented a “permanent type” commercial grade rain gutter system around the whole perimeter of the structure that included down spouts at every other column to eliminate the possibility of any water creating a cascade effect and therefore enhance the guest experience. The rain gutter system was designed to comply with mechanical engineering requirements according to the local and national building codes. The custom structure that covered the seated area measured 84’ wide by 354’ in length with seamless bump out section that measure 67’ wide by 69’. It was raised on single continuous reinforced 28’ columns fabricated with our 850 profile. It also featured an 18’ wide by 423’ long mezzanine structure reinforced to allow the seating substructure to be attached to it. The upper level of the mezzanine provided ample space for bars distributed throughout and below it was used to position the betting “pari-mutual” lines and also served as a common area that lead to the outdoor beer garden on the south, and to the covered food & beverage and restroom area on the west side of the venue. The roof panels featured exterior beam covers to prevent any water from leaking through the splices in the beams.


Design: Moises Espinales
Architect: Ramiro Gonzalez
Project Manager: Geraldo Melendez