Project Details

Name: The 2013 International Fine Arts Exposition
Entry: Corporate Tent Rental
Location: Miami, Florida
Size: 46,000 Square Feet

Project Description

The circle structure utilized an organic design that allowed it to adapt to the unique space available in Bayfront Park. Maximum space was utilized by having vertical columns placed immediately flushed to the outer perimeter of the iconic Mildred and Claude Pepper fountain, which was designed by prominent Japanese-American artist and architect, Isamu Noguchi. In order to achieve the turning “Cirq” effect, exterior columns were pivoted slightly so that modular glass panels could be placed on the east-facing side of the structure in order to give the client’s guests a commanding view of Biscayne Bay. The inclusion of translucent vinyl roofing panels also accentuated the client’s experience by allowing natural light to enter the structure. By “relaxing” the angle of the eastern exterior columns, prefabricated modular glass panels were able to be used, as opposed to custom fabricating the glass connections for each bay. This was a significant cost savings for client, whom wanted to retain the turning effect, while remaining cost effective. The slope of the roof was adjusted to allow rain runoff to flow primarily toward the interior gables. The vinyl walls were fitted over the railings surrounding the fountain so that the majority of water runoff would flow into the fountain, and not into the event space. The quadrants of the structure were also modularly designed so that each quadrant could be broken off to create a different shape.


Design: Ramiro Gonzalez
Architect: Ramiro Gonzalez
Project Manager: Alain Perez